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Fertility Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

The first step to fertility is discovering a new way of thinking about youself, your body, and your health.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as Oriental medicine, has worked for millions of women for thousands of years; it is designed to  promote greater health and well-being, to work with nature and make women and men be fruitful in conception and gestation with a more comfortable birth for women.


Researchers from Weiil Cornell Medical Center in New York reviewed recent studies and concluded that:



  1. Acupuncture helps to increase blood flow to the uterus. This, in turn, improves the chances of an ovum implanting in the uterine wall.

  2. Acupuncture helps to reduce anxiety and stress. The hormones that are secreted during stressful situations can significantly decrease fertility.

  3. Acupuncture helps to normalize the hormone and endocrine system that regulates ovulation, especially in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

  4. Acupuncture positively affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, which plays a key role in fertility.

  5. Acupuncture is useful in regulating the menstrual cycle.


According to the theories of Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), fertility is caused by an imbalance of Qi energy (pronounced "chee") and nutrition (called Blood in Chinese Medicine) which affect the healthy functioning of one or more organ systems. When Qi, also known as our "vital energy", and Blood are circulating freely throughout the body, every cell, tissue, and organ is properly nourished and can also function well. Acupuncture and TCM, can raise the fertility potential of women and men by affecting the quality, quantity, balance and flow of Qi and blood.


Matthew Guidera has studied Oriental Medicine's techniques for Fertility and Gynecology and his knowledge of traditional nutrition can strongly impact your results. Each treatment is unique to the patients needs after an evaluation of medical history, and review of body functions. Matthew will give you recommendations on lifestyle, herbs and frequecy of Acupuncture treatments. He will work with your specific needs towards a succesful pregnancy.


Call Acupuncture of Weston at 954-678-8457 for a free informational consultation or to schedule an appointment.




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