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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture is part of Oriental Medicine  (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) and consists of the stimulation of points located along energetic meridians with extremely thin, sterilized and disposable needles that are FDA Approved. The expert stimulation of these medicinal points according to your particular body needs is used to regulate the bio-circuits of energy as well as  to bring balance, relieve poor circulation and stimulate the body's own healing ability. Acupuncture produces healing by normalizing the nervous system and local blood flow, thereby increasing the presence of oxygen, nutrition and stem cells in the relevant areas.


Herbal Therapy is a very important part of Oriental Medicine. The medicinal gifts from nature, when taken in their purest form and prescribed according to correct diagnosis, can effectively support the acupuncture treatments and ensure a faster response. Herbal and other natural medicines will be prescribed according to each patient’s needs. Follow-up consultations are essential to determine the dosage and patient response.


The use of herbal remedies has become more popular since quality control and advanced clinical and scientific research have shown the value and efficacy of natural medicinal substances for the treatment of disease. These days people want to treat and prevent naturally with the fewest and mildest possible side effects and this has led logically to an increased interest in treatment with natural medicine substances, such as plants, minerals, etc. Many oriental medicine herbal formulas were invented hundreds of years ago and have a history of safe and effective use when prescribed by a duly qualified practitioner.


We may also prescribe homeopathic and nutritional supplements to support a more rapid effect the acupuncture treatments. 


Each acupuncture treatment is unique and the combination of points varies according to the patients' progress. The frequency of treatments also depends on each condition. An acupuncture treatment could take between forty-five minutes and one hour. The frequency of treatments and number of visits will be determined by many factors that are individual and will only be noticeable after 1-3 treatments. You are invited to call 954-678-8457 for a free telephone consultation with the acupuncture physician if you would like more details about your particular condition or have more questions .




Cupping is a millenary tradition within Oriental or Chinese Medicine's treatment modalities. It has recently gained fame because of its use by top Olympic athletes. The technique consists of adhering cups to the skin through gentle suction and it can help the body's own healing mechanism to alleviate various conditions such as respiratory problems, muscle tension, pain and skin conditions. Cupping opens up the skin’s pores to helps the flow of blood, breaks up obstructions, and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body. 



Biopuncture, also known as Acupuncture Injection Therapy, is a therapy using mostly homeopathic, plant-based formulas consisting of ultra-low dilutions in sterile saline which are injected into specific body regions to relieve pain and inflammation.


The majority of injections are micro-injections with a very small needle just under the skin or into the muscle. One of the benefits of directly injecting a well designed natural medicine into the area of pain appears to be a “turbo effect,” or a much faster healing response. In conventional medicine, the drug you take suppresses your symptoms immediately, but taking synthetic chemical substances in order to suppress pain or inflammation can have serious side-effects or even aggravate the underlying body imbalance that caused the condition. What is worse,  as soon as the medication stops working, you have to take another pill to “kill the pain” again.


In biopuncture, small doses of products are injected in order to stimulate or “wake up” the body's own natural healing processes. The healing effect comes from “inside” your body – not from the products themselves since it is the reaction of your immune system, which produces the exact changes needed to regain natural healing. For specific conditions or dietary restrictions, short courses of certain vitamins, like methyl- or cyano-cobalamin (B-12), may also be applied through biopuncture with the intention of producing very rapidly noticeable results.

Laser Meridian Therapy

Specially concentrated forms and wavelengths of light are used, as appropriate, for those who wish to improve their health through Traditional Natural Oriental Medicine Meridian Therapy without the use of acupuncture needles, or as an adjunct to other modalities.

Auricular Therapy

Ear Acupoint Therapy also known as Auricular or Auriculo- Therapy has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt, but in the last 50 years it has garnered much scientific research and interest in Europe. Recent findings confirm the traditional medicine knowledge, indicating that the ear has points which can treat the entire body. Our clinical experience at Acupuncture of Weston confirms that different types of expertly placed stimuli to the ear produce pain relief and healing. Your acupuncture physician may utilize needles, gold-plated high-tech magnets, seeds or even electric currents, depending on your case. Many patients who cannot afford a longer treatment choose the brief version of auricular therapy and it can also be used to boost the effects of the acupuncture treatments that most patients enjoy. 

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