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Alternative Therapies for Seniors

May is known as Senior Citizens Month, a great time to reach out to your loved ones and check in on their health. As we age, our health needs change. It is especially important for seniors to take care of their health and do so in a way that is as natural as possible and does not require potentially harmful prescription drugs. Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative practices have been proven to help aid the aging process and chronic conditions that may come with it.


Acupuncture is a common treatment for chronic pain, which can be very beneficial for seniors. This centuries-old practice addresses the body as a whole by using specific acupuncture points to return the body back to its natural balance and relieve pain as well as other symptoms. Acupuncture treatment is non-invasive and is a great natural alternative to prescription medication.


It can get harder to stay active as we age. We may find that our bodies just don’t move like they used to. Yoga has many health benefits and can be incorporated into your daily routine. Yoga has been proven to help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This practice can also help keep your joints healthy and reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy not only has physical health benefits but mental as well. This therapy can work to relieve pain, improve circulation and release tension. Massage is also an excellent stress reliever and can leave you feeling more relaxed and at ease.


Aromatherapy is a natural remedy that has been used for thousands of years. Aromatherapy involves breathing or applying essential oils to the body to help improve health. Different essential oils can have a large range of benefits. This therapy can help lower pain, increase a sense of well being and help improve sleep for patients with dementia.

Animal-assisted therapy

As we age, we sometimes need different kinds of support and companionship. Animals have been proven to help adults with dementia and decrease a sense of loneliness. Animals can also help promote physical activity, which can increase mood and overall health.

Music therapy

Music therapy has been proven to be beneficial for seniors. This non-invasive therapy can help reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions. Calming music can also be helpful for adults with dementia and reduce behavioral symptoms.


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