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Ear Acupuncture - A supportive therapy for your health

Ear Acupuncture or Auriculotherapy is based on the concept of “MICROSYSTEMS” (the whole body is reflected in just one of its organs) such as the ear, the hand and the feet, commonly known as Reflexology.

Ear Acupuncture, originated with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, was deeply study by the French Dr Paul Nogier. Auriculotherapy is the stimulation on specific points on the ear, to create a therapeutic response on the whole system. This stimulation can be done with the use of acupuncture pins, seeds, magnets or micro-current stimulation.

Some of the benefits of Auriculotherapy are:

  • Supporting therapy for Smoking Cessation. Detoxification of substance abuse and support with the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of addictions and severe stress.

  • Support Weight lost program, by releasing endorphins which allows you to feel better and more relaxed during and after the treatment. This will help psychologically as well as physically, because with endorphins and other good hormones swimming through your body, you will be less tempted to eat too much and you will not want to eat to stave off depression or other bad thoughts.

  • Pain reduction by the stimulation of endorphins and encephalin which are the body’s natural painkillers.

Acupuncture of Weston is offering a Group Ear Acupuncture session on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. for only $35 dollars you will get the benefits of this treatment. Call 9546788457

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